Applying for your first job! - READ ON

Applying for a job for the first time is a milestone. Most High School students find it daunting.  

Students start thinking about applying for their first job from Year 9 onwards. How has the school supported students? Do students have the skill set to apply for a job?

As an Industry Professional I have hired over 200 applicants. I founded Connect Incursions due to the high number of young applicants who lack the following essential skills. These skills are not expected to be natural, yet they need to be taught and made aware of. School students have ‘drive’, but many jump right into the deep end before learning to swim. 

The two main competencies or skills  that require teaching are self-awareness and relationship skills. Connect Incursions include strategies for developing these two. 

Students need to get to know themselves before jumping into applying for a job. They need to develop self awareness. Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.

Students also need assistance in understanding the benefits of relationship skills. This includes the ability to use a variety of methods such as active listening, and communication and conflict resolution skills. These skills also include the ability to resist pressure and to seek out and offer help.

Although schooling is essentially the foundation for future work placement, schools are not given enough resources or time for this. 

Connect Incursions has designed workshops that target these skills and boost confidence, not only in students but also equip teachers to maintain them.  

It is important Teachers and Schools build a relationship with their students. Self-awareness is closely linked to feedback from loving critics — that is, people who have their best interests in mind and are willing to tell them the truth. 

Having a Professional give them an insight about what makes a good impression, from the resume through to sitting an interview is crucial. Developing a strong job application doesn't only mean answering interview questions!