Years 9-11

Life Ready Interview Workshop 
What questions will they ask me at my first Interview?
Do I have the skills?

1- Connect Incursion's aim is to assist career advisors help students explore their education and career options.
2- We deliver career education programs and activities for years 9 - 11 students.

Appreciation of the role of lifelong learning

  • Students develop skills, attributes and entrepreneurial behaviours for effective participation in work and society.

  • Students explore skills related to career development and managing transitions. 

  • They develop communication skills that relate to the world of work and have opportunities to use appropriate forms to communicate information for different audiences.

The structure 

  • Bookings are modified to meet the needs of the students, specific to your school. 

  • Workshops cater for up to 40  students per session. 

  • Feel free to contact us. 

Skills Attained 

  • learning – the ability to develop new skills and/or knowledge

  • communication – expressing and understanding information

  • collaboration – working effectively with others to get things done

  • critical and creative thinking – being able to evaluate tasks and look for new solution

  • planning and organising – coordinating and prioritising tasks and resources

  • problem-solving – identifying problems and developing solutions

  • self-management – setting and achieving personal goals

  • initiative and enterprise – seeking and taking advantage of opportunities